"Chief Happiness Officer" exists ?

Today, I came across one profile on LinkedIn and found that one person is working as “Chief Happiness Officer”

I pause for a while, and #surprise to know that, is this really exists or this is just a reading error of my eyes.

I then search more on linkedin and found that, this exists on earth (and even in the Ahmedabad)

After Googling it, I found that it is HR’s responsibility to keep employees Happy in the organisation. It really sounds weird (for me) how an HR performs (or act) as a Chief Happiness officer!

What I heard so far is that HR is only for hiring new employees, salary deduction, leave cancelation, travelling allowance cutting. But But But…

I found that HR (we can say Chief Happiness Officer) can aspire following principles to employee

  • Treat Every single employee as a human being

  • Ensure the basics needs with an on-time salary and no unnecessary administrative struggles.

  • Give employees a voice - (let employees know that someone is listening to them)

  • Freedom (to manage time, productivity, to implement their own ideas)

  • Growth Opportunity

  • Enjoyable environment

  • Effective Teamwork

Much more detail can be found on this topic.